Prediction Run 2011 Prediction Run 2011 Getting set up 144573257 get that table of snacks ready 144573258 Hummmmm just how does this work? 144573259 I'm sure two of us can figure it out, right? 144573260 Maybe with a bit of supervision? 144573261 Toys coming in 144573262 The wagon is here to take the toys back 144573263 1946 Ford wagon 144573264 P..D. Wagon 144573265 Ralph resting in the back....don't close the door please 144573266 Finishers arriving 144573267 Approach the chute 144573268 Anne-Marie you did great 144573269 Arimus Calone, 5 years old! 144573270 We bad! 144573271 Here she comes 144573272 Closer 144573273 Marie who took 3rd place in female for closest predicted time. 144573274 Hummmm 144573275 Slurred speech, unsteady on feet.... just the place to rest 144573276 post-run discussions 144573277 More chit chat 144573278 Celebrating something 144573279 Awards 144573280 Bikes and toys loaded up 144573281 Ready for the P.D. toy drive 144573282